+Wet or Dry Plant Hire


McFadyen’s (MFG) Plant Hire division provides Clients with a fleet of modern, reliable and well-maintained Plant, anywhere at any time. This includes combo excavators under Wet or Dry hiring agreements.

MFG provide exceptional customer support services and Plant of proven quality brands that are available for hire at any project location. Plant Hire can be of any size machine or a combination, such as a 49T excavator Plant Hire or Combo of a 5T excavator, bobcat and truck.

If a Client chooses Wet Hire, MFG will supply skilled Operators and service support for all Plant Hire. MFG also offer service support for Dry Hire Plant. Regular servicing is done from either MFG’s yard at Yatala or by one of their highly qualified fitters at the project site, irrespective of its location.

MFG’s Plant has been used on some of the largest civil and mining projects ever undertaken in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The following Plant categories are examples of Equipment available for hire for any project. Click on each category for a description of Plant available for immediate hire:

Excavators ranging from 5T - 50T


Caterpillar Loaders



Dump Trucks

Vacuum Lifters

Combos of any of the above

Additionally, just as MFG’s Plant is kept well maintained with regular services, our Operators are also highly qualified. Under any Wet Hire agreement, a Client can rest assured that MFG’s Operators have undertaken regular training to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Contact MFG to find out more about Wet or Dry Excavator Hire. MFG’s friendly staff members will be happy to answer any questions and provide a quote.

MFG look forward to working with you to complete your next major project.