+Pipeline Construction and Installation

MFG specialise in construction of all forms of large scale pipe line installation in any location for the Private Sector, Local and State Governments and the Mining Industry, as relates to:

  • HDPE and steel pipes of any size including associated welding.
  • Vacuum pipelifting and lift plans;
  • Stormwater drainage including any associated concrete structures and gross pollutant traps;
  • Sewer trunk and rising mains and pump stations;
  • All sizes water and fire mains including associated structures and testing of mains;
  • Electrical and communications conduits and pits.

MFG is one of Australia’s most experienced and successful contractors in provision of these services no matter what the terrain or location, by example from outback mines, isolated APLNG projects or to central City confined locations. Their reputation is enhanced by having exemplary safety, quality assurance and environmental procedures which continue through regular staff training, awareness and performance monitoring programs.