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McFadyen Group (MFG) is a leader in the plant hire and pipeline construction industry and continually grows its business to meet ever expanding Client needs.

McFadyen Group is a privately owned civil works contracting company located at Yatala in Brisbane. MFG's owner and key staff each have many years’ experience in the civil contracting industry at pipeline construction projects of all scale and at various locations throughout Australia.

MFG has successfully completed plant hire and pipeline construction to a variety of major projects, as sub-contractor to major civil contracting companies and/or Government Departments and Local Authorities associated with:

  • Plant Hire throughout Eastern Australia
  • Pipeline construction
  • Highway construction and upgrades;
  • Railway line construction;
  • Tunnels;
  • Mining infrastructure;
  • Coal Seam Gas
  • LNG Gas Works
  • Subdivision services (being external and internal infrastructure);
  • Airports;
  • Sewerage Treatment Works and Pump Stations;
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"Missing Link" - Coal Connect Project; Bowen Basin, Queensland



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